1. champagne4theepain:

    Jay-Z - Allure [prod. by The Neptunes]

  2. illroots:

    Big Sean & Jim Carrey, Easter 4/20/14.


  3. painful-oceans asked: How should we, as teenagers, live and experience life to unlock our full potential? We are wired to our phones completely. But what are the important things we as a future generation should be doing?


    I think adapting is very vital but once in a while disconnect. Go for bike rides and explore, picnics, art, play an instrument, catch up with friends without the use of phones..

    Be more in touch with yourself and detach yourself from this technology hold..

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  6. musicmaejor:

    Diggy Simmons ft. B.O.B  & Key wane - Mama said

  7. wkungu:

    Zoe Kravitz…beautiful runs in the family

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  8. negrobrown:

    Detroit Fly!


  9. "There’s a price to pay for speaking the truth…there is a bigger price for living a LIE."
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