1. robhillsr:

    You gotta earn your peace. A large part of it involves separating yourself from those who haven’t earned your time…

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  3. aintnojigga:

    "There’s never traffic in the chopper… Straight from the HipHop Festival In Brooklyn to MetLife Stadium in NJ."

  4. aintnojigga:

    During Jay Electronica’s set at the Brooklyn Hip Hop Fest, his Roc Nation Jefe Jay Z chained the talented MC with the Five Percent Nation medallion he has been rocking the past year.

  5. aintnojigga:

    Mi Casa Su Casa. #Familia

    Victor Cruz managed to get his Roc Nation Sports bosses Jay Z and OG Juan into the Giants locker room while he was playing the MetLife Stadium.

  6. aintnojigga:

    Jay Z x Jay Elec

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    Fa$hion Killa: Jordan White Cement 3’s